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Men's Discipleship Network


The 2015 Men's Discipleship Boot Camp

"The Man God Blesses"



Christian Cultural Center

12020 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn, NY 




Attend a Discipleship Boot Camp®:

  • -Train, Instruct, and Challenge your men to thrive in the roles that God has given
  • -Ignite the faith of your men and motivate them to love God and bear much fruit
  • -Break the grip of sin and addiction to pornography, substance abuse, and relational dysfunction
  • -Crush the cycle of yo-yo Christianity, and provide training that yields male maturity
  • -Provide the "shot in the arm" for your Men's group to put them back on the right direction
  • -Provide training to your Pastor or Men's Leader to effectively address the needs of your church's men


Christian Cultural Center 12020 Flatlands Ave, Brooklyn, NY, 11207, United States Get Directions


Men's Discipleship Network
Contact: Paula / Aleise at (631) 753-1244

Men's Discipleship Network had it's humble beginnings in 1996 in the basement of Men's Pastor Scott Caesar's basement when he obeyed God's prompting to begin a bible study for men. Little did Pastor Scott know that his seemingly insignificant act of obedience would be the start of a great movement of God among men in the Northeast US. It was around that time that Coach Bill McCartney founded Promise Keepers.

Coach McCartney spoke into and mentored Scott Caesar. Promise Keepers entrusted him with the followup to men from the stadium event as Scott's heart was always for discipleship and follow-up, and for practical application of God's principals in a man's life at what Scott calls "tuesday at 2PM". Men's Discipleship Network has served Christ and His Church since 1995. and is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

MDN is assisting the church in delivering a system of male discipleship to the Church in "Truth that Transforms and Training that Sustains." MDN provides Biblically sound content in a system that produces consistency and sustains connection: Man to Christ, Man to Church. MDN's passionate calling is to see men set free from the lies they believe, then live. To see men live abundantly bearing the image of Jesus Christ. To see the restoration of Biblical manhood.